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Weekly Sessions | Fridays at 1pm GMT

Our Graduate Q&A sessions are currently on hold, but don't panic!

Please click below to email us and we will let you know when they're re-starting - and we're sure we can offer a few words of advice at the same time!

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We know that parents make significant changes and experience many benefits after doing a positive parenting course. We also recognise that it can be hard to sustain positive habits and, as our children grow, there are always new challenges popping up!

If you've completed our Family Skills Course, or done a positive parenting course with us at The Parent Practice, join us to ask specific questions and feel re-energised and motivated to use your positive parenting skills.

Each group is limited to just 5 participants. 

We focus on a different age group each week – 0-5 years, 6-10 years, and 11+ years old - and you will be invited to submit your question when you book.

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